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How Edgecore Networks Became a Leader in Open Networking


DATE :June 18th, 2019

Open networking is growing in popularity and is helping to transform IT deployment. In fact, open networking has become so popular, in some circles it’s being considered the new normal.

Open networks is based on switching hardware and software that is completely open source. By not forcing companies to purchase from a particular vendor, businesses can benefit greatly.

Companies want a way of creating unique and cost effective solutions to meet changing customer demands. Open source networking is able to meet and exceed these requirements.

When it comes to servers, open source has been the norm for years. It’s possible to build a server with parts from different vendors and then load your operating system of choice.

Historically, companies have had to make a choice. You can have it “Good enough and cheap, or fast but expensive.” – pick one. With the current generation of white box switches though, they do not need to make that choice any longer. It is now possible to have it all.

Costs are Lower

Open networking comprises of white box and bare metal switches. Companies are not paying for a brand but rather what they need. The software loaded onto the switches provides only the core features that are needed by the business.

Data center investments are expected to hit $19.9 billion by 2023. This is a massive growth from a current high of $8.1 billion in 2018. Ensuring that spending is appropriately targeted is a concern for businesses regardless of the sector.

Improved Choice

Open networking provides choice. Companies are able to purchase hardware and software based on price and capability. This ensures that they get the features they want. Companies do not need to pay for expensive features that they do not need or want.

Future Friendly

While white box and bare metal switches are not future proof, the open source community offers a robust development framework. Features and capabilities are constantly being added. In addition, bug fixes are addressed quickly.

Closed and proprietary systems still have the lead in terms of features and capabilities. However, white box solutions like Edgecore are quickly catching up. With a focus on critical business needs, white box switches combined with powerful processors are erasing that lead.

Edgecore Networks – “Transforming the way the World Connects”

Edgecore Networks is based in Taiwan in the Hsinchu Science Park. Established in 2004, Edgecore Networks embraces its slogan in everything they do.

Offering a range of Gb switches from 1GbE to 100GbE, Edgecore Networks is a leader in the converged open networking space. Edgecore Networks is able to deliver wired and wireless solutions worldwide to businesses of all sizes.

With the ever increasing global demand for more data, companies are looking for cost effective solutions. This is where Edgecore Networks shines. Edgecore Networks understands that the way IT is being used is changing. The growth of cloud and IoT are changing the way companies do business.

Edgecore Networks – Leading the Way in Open Networking

Edgecore Networks has a network of partners around the world. Through this network, Edgecore Networks is able to deliver cost effective switching equipment. With a mandate of providing best in class wired and wireless solutions, Edgecore Networks:

• Is a primary partner and contributor in many open source communities, including OCP, Microsoft SONic and ONF Open Switch.
• Creates, and distributes software for many open source software platforms.
• Is a leading hardware partner for many of the largest current NOS, SDN and NFV software solutions.

Edgecore Networks – Recognized as a Leader

Bill Carter, CTO of the OCP Foundation probably said it best when he stated, “Edgecore has made important contributions to the OCP Networking Project …”

However, Bill was not the only one to praise the work that Edgecore has done. Joe Baeumel, VP of Partner Strategy at KPGCo talked about how important Edgecore is for the future when he said “… With the advent of 5G on the horizon, Edgecore provides exceptional port density and capacity, combined with leading solutions from both Intel and Broadcom, delivered in a package that meets NEBS compliance standards. This will provide a technology advantage to cloud customers in support of the growing requirements at the edge.”

Hardware Nation and Edgecore Networks

Hardware Nation focuses on bare metal switches and white box solutions. With the range of options available from Edgecore Networks we are able to meet customer demands regardless of size. Whether the business is a massive data center or a significantly smaller business, there is an Edgecore switch available for your specific business needs.


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