Cumulus CL-SNS-L-1YR License

Cumulus Software Updates and Support for Cumulus Linux Leaf (10G, 25G), 1 Year

Mfg. Part: CL-SNS-L-1YR

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Port Speed Compatibility

10G, 25G

Subscription Length

1 Year




Cumulus is leading the transition of the data center market from a closed and proprietary environment to one that embraces open, standards-based systems. Unlike anyone else in the market, they build networking products purely with Linux. Cumulus customers can leverage its standard interfaces and rich ecosystem to achieve a new level of control of cost and operations — previously accessible only to the largest web-scale operators. In short, Cumulus Networks is transforming the networking industry by bringing web-scale IT and innovations to the data center. Hardware Nation is an authorized partner of Cumulus - we support our customers by identifying the right opportunities, providing technical insight, and helping with deployment.