Pica8 P-OS-10G-EE License

Pica8 PicOS 10/25/40G Switch Enterprise Edition

Mfg. Part: P-OS-10G-EE

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Port Speed Compatibility

10G, 25G, 40G




Just over a decade ago Pica8 was first to market with an open Linux-based NOS running on a variety of commodity white box networking switches. Close to 1,000 customers later, Pica8’s PICOS® network operating system now supports all major L2/L3 switching and routing protocols while continuing to deliver both “classic” SDN solutions through Pica8’s adoption of Open-vSwitch (OVS) as well as a groundbreaking blended implementation that practically applies SDN-like control – without service interruption - directly onto operational L2/L3 networks. We describe this as the infinitely programmable network.